Improving lives, everywhere.
Research was here.

Every day and everywhere, the benefits of health research are all around us – research conducted at St. Boniface Hospital by innovative, world-class scientists who call Winnipeg home.

We reap the benefits today of the work of scientists who spent months, years, perhaps decades in a laboratory, solving some the world’s most complex and critical health problems.

Whether you are young or old, are in good health or suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or other conditions, if you live in Winnipeg, Winkler, Windsor or Warsaw, today’s medical researchers are ensuring a healthier tomorrow.

From Winnipeg to the World

Since 1987, the men and women at St. Boniface Hospital Research have earned a national and international reputation for groundbreaking medical research in areas that are important not only to Canadians, but to people around the world. salutes the curiosity, perseverance, and pioneering spirit of our researchers. We are on the cusp of many important discoveries that will:

  • enhance quality of life and save lives of Winnipeggers and people around the world;
  • improve patient outcomes at St. Boniface Hospital and other health care facilities; and
  • transform our ability to overcome today’s most debilitating diseases and conditions.

We hope you’ll visit often to discover how we are working today to improve our health, and our lives, in the future.

Ranked #1 research-intensive hospital in Western Canada for the fourth year in a row by an independent third party organization.